Honeywell Thermostat L4006 User Manual

These boiler-mounted, immersion type controllers operate in response to temperature changes in hydronic heating systems.

L4006A breaks the circuit on a temperature rise to the control setting. It is used for high limit or low limit control. When used as a controller or as a low limit, a separate high limit must be used.

L4006B makes the circuit on a temperature rise. It is used as a circulator controller, delaying circulator operation when boiler water temperature is below the control setting.

L4006E,H includes a trip-free manual reset switch.These models are designed to break the control circuit whenever the temperature of the controlled medium reaches the high limit setting. A reset button on the front of the case must be pressed to re-establish the control circuit.

L4006H also includes bracket and clamp for surface mounting on pipe or tank.

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Model:L4007 L4008
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