Honeywell Thermostat EC7895A User Manual

The Yamatake Honeywell EC7895A and RM7895 is a microprocessorbased integrated burner control for automatically fired gas, oil, orcombination fuel single burner applications. The RM7895 consists ofthe Relay Module. Subbase, Amplifier and Purge Card. Optionsinclude Keyboard Display Module, Personal Computer Interface,DATA CONTROLBUS MODULE™, Remote Display Module, andCOMBUSTION SYSTEM MANAGER™ Software.

The EC7895 and RM7895 are programmed to provide a level ofsafety, functional capability and features beyond the capacity ofconventional controls.

Functions provided by the EC7895 and RM7895 include automaticburner sequencing, flame supervision, system status indication,system or self-diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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